SpeedMath is an education app built to improve overall brain development for kids. Incorporating scientifically proven methods to learn operations of mathematics into a game, SpeedMath is an excellent product for kids of age 5 to 12.

Speedmath Benefits

  • Speedy Calculation: Enables you to calculate faster than a calculator
  • Overall Brain Development: Enhances left and right brain coordination by developing both hemispheres of brain
  • Improved Concentration
  • Enhanced Visualization: Increases ability to imagine and visualize
  • Develops Photographic Memory: by improving cognitive abilities
  • Improved Processing Ability: to consume large information faster
  • Speed reading and listening

Product Value Proposition

Limitations of classroom teaching Our Solution
Time and efforts required to commute to learning centers Self learning via tablet devices anywhere, anytime
Teachers cannot pay attention to each student at every step. Students don’t get instant feedback & mentoring Our app continuously monitors students and provides instant feedback thereby improving speed of learning
20%-25% students drop out in 3-9 Months because of mundane repetitive tasks Constant engagement via fun learning, discovery & game
Students forced to follow curriculum at predefined pace Self-paced learning
Students have to attend the class as per fixed schedule, losing the flexibility Self learning anywhere anytime
Limited by proximity of centers and not a scalable model Distributed, infinitely scalable model
Teach to Student ratio is typically 1:20 Personalized coaching via 1:1 live tutoring
Typical cost $110-$125 per month 1/3rd the price; significantly reduced cost